1000 Ways To Die: 10 Wildest Deaths On The Spike TV Show, Ranked (2023)

From 2008 to 2012 Spike TV created one of the most bizarre and unique shows that have ever been on television.The premise of1000 Ways To Diewas to feature the weirdest and "real" ways some people had died around the world. The stories weretold with atongue-in-cheek and dark humor tone.

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A lot of artistic licenses were taken in order to change the names and locations of the events. Most of the stories were based on reported real events, and experts were invited to talk about the implications of the deaths. The showscratch that dark itch everybody has, and after eight years of its cancellation we remember the craziest death featured on the show.

Bank Ruptured

1000 Ways To Die: 10 Wildest Deaths On The Spike TV Show, Ranked (1)

This one is kind of sad. A french man called Pierre suffered from a condition known as Pica Syndrome. People who suffer from this have a hard time distinguishing between items that are edibles and the ones that are not. This prompts patients to eat a lot different objects their not supposed to eat like dirt.

Poor Pierre's favorite food was coins, whichhe wouldput on his mouth nonchalantly and swallowed them. In general, anything metallic went into his stomach, as much as his brother tried to help him hiding these items. Eventually, Pierre died when the metal in his stomach ruptured a vein causing him to bleed out inside his own intestines. Yikes!


1000 Ways To Die: 10 Wildest Deaths On The Spike TV Show, Ranked (2)

This death is probably the most gruesome of this list. This death was described in the episode "Life Will Kill You" and it starts by recounting a couples' trip, in their way to Las Vegas. They suddenly make a rest stop and start messing around with a video camera, when they hear a scream. There's been an accident on the other side of the street.

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They get closer to see what's happening and see the horrible image of Frank Soriani cut in literary in half and still breathing. He was working below his vehicle when an 18-wheeler semi-truck run over him, separating him from his lower body. Unfortunately for Frank, the two halves of him were sent to two different hospitals, not allowing medics to safe him.

Butt Plugged

1000 Ways To Die: 10 Wildest Deaths On The Spike TV Show, Ranked (3)

Sometimes1000 Ways To Day presented a situation so absurd that the audience, who were watchingwith morbid attention, couldn't do anything but to laugh. This is the case of this ex-con, Lucky Levinson, who, after being in prison, wanted to celebrate by getting drunk, driving an SUV, and hiring the services of a sex worker.

He gets pulled over by a policeman and in a panic, he shoves a pepper spray can into his butt since getting caught inpossession of one was a violation of his parole. But poor Levison was drunk, so he gives an attitude to the office who pushed him against the car activating the can inside his rectum, killing him.

Heart On

1000 Ways To Die: 10 Wildest Deaths On The Spike TV Show, Ranked (4)

Once in a while, the show will depict the death of people that like to engage in... different sexual practices. In "Heart On" for example, the program portrays the dead of Lucas, a mentally ill young man, who connects the heart of a cow to a car battery and uses to give himself sexual pleasure.

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As smart as the title of the story is, this one is one of the creepiest. Even the experts on the show couldn't handle such deviance. Lucas thought that by increasing the charge to the hearing, connecting the cables to a wall socket, he would get more pleasure, but ended up dying.

Habeas Corpse

1000 Ways To Die: 10 Wildest Deaths On The Spike TV Show, Ranked (5)

This story is probably the most known for audiences and non-audiences alike. It is actually based on the case Garry Hoy, a lawyer who wanted to demonstrate the stiffness of his office window's glass by jumping straight into it. The window, unexpectedly, shatters, allowing Hoy to fall to his death.

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The show chooses to depict Hoy as an arrogant lawyer, trying to impress women. It also changes his name to Ian Campbell. This death, in particular, was the first actor Ron Perlman would narrate, and it became a Darwin Award winner.


1000 Ways To Die: 10 Wildest Deaths On The Spike TV Show, Ranked (6)

1000 Ways To Diecould be an argument for chastity sometimes. Many deaths are depicted as a result of people wanting to engage in some sexual behavior. The segment "Re-Tired" is one example of this, probably because of the speed of the process of dying showed in this.

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It tells the story of Phil Harde, a tire shop worker who is shown to love pornographic magazines. This love became his demise when, while inflating a client's car tire, he gets distracted by the magazine he is reading. The tire gets inflated until it cannot resist anymore and explodes, sending high-velocity shrapnel from the tire rim into his head.


1000 Ways To Die: 10 Wildest Deaths On The Spike TV Show, Ranked (7)

Another one of sexual nature and disturbing at the same time.Probably one of the less clever titles. It tells the story of a so-called nymphomaniac who dies because of masturbating with a carrot. Jennifer, as the woman its called in the segment, couldn't stop thinking about a shop worker she met.

When she unpacked her groceries back at home, she decided to use the carrot as a sexual toy. It's explained by the experts on the episode that she ruptured a vein inside her buddy causing a bubble to enter her circulatory system. When the bubble got to her heart, it ended her life.

Jake N' Baked

1000 Ways To Die: 10 Wildest Deaths On The Spike TV Show, Ranked (8)

Jake Basso was a metalworker who had a disorder known as narcolepsy, making fall asleep anywhere. The show uses this premise to depict Jake sleeping at work and in the bathroom as light humor before the horrific ending. Jake, being a well-regarded worker, went to a curing oven to leave some materials.

Soon his narcolepsy kicked-in so he badly decides to take a nap inside the oven, where, unnoticed, he is locked in and cooked. At least, this one isn't so bad, since the experts in the segment assure the audience Jake didn't suffer because of being knocked out by the fuming gases of the oven.

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Chippin Dale

1000 Ways To Die: 10 Wildest Deaths On The Spike TV Show, Ranked (9)

The story of Chipping Dale seems taken out of1997 Coen Brothers film Fargo. The segment is about Tiny and Tale, two co-workers who worked under the sun of the Sonora Desert collecting dry tree branches, After collecting a bunch of them they started to put them in a woodchipper machine.

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Eager to finish the job and get a drink, the two-man get frustrated when a branch gets tucked in the machine. Dale tries to push the branch with his feet when suddenly the machine caught him and starts to mutilate him, while Tiny, for some reason, didn't think of shutting down the machine.

Tanked Girl

1000 Ways To Die: 10 Wildest Deaths On The Spike TV Show, Ranked (10)

Explosion by decompression is a phenomenon that has been recorded throughout the history of diving. The show chooses to tell the story of a diver named Sandy, who survived her failing oxygen tank and had to get to the surface in an emergency. Because of this, she got to stay in decompression chamber until her body adjusted.

Unfortunately, someone opens the chamber by accident and she explodes, after going from a pressure of 7 atmospheres to 1 atmosphere. Sandy identity is not confirmed, but her case is similar to the Byford Dolphin decompression accident, where 3 divers died in a similar way.

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What is the show about crazy ways people died? ›

Sort of. 1000 Ways to Die is exactly what the title suggests - a barrage of odd and unbelievable ways to die. These are claimed to be dramatizations of actual deaths. What they really are are loose interpretations of rumored deaths, sort of what would happen if Mythbusters cut out the mythbusting part of their show.

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However if you ignore the circumstances leading up to the death and simply consider the proximal mechanism itself, there are basically four different ways to cause total and irreversible loss of brain stem function: oxygen starvation, high temperature, chemical toxin and physical damage.

What is the 1000th death in 1000 Ways to Die? ›

As the 1000th and final way to die, it reflects on some of the previous deaths shown throughout the series. The main deceased character in this death is the only one to not die from any injuries, catastrophes, germs, toxins, or illnesses. This is the second death from 2011 featured in this series.

How old is 1000 Ways to Die? ›

1,000 Ways to Die (2008 - 2009)

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A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”

What is the age rating for 14 ways to die? ›

14 - 18 years

How many seasons was 1000 Ways to Die? ›

What age is a million ways to die in the West? ›

A Million Ways to Die in the West is rated R by the MPAA for strong crude and sexual content, language throughout, some violence and drug material.

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How long is 1 Million Ways to Die in the West? ›

A Million Ways to Die in the West was released via DVD and Blu-ray on October 7, 2014. The Blu-ray release contains an unrated version (135 minutes), along with the original theatrical cut (116 minutes).

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